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Redrum: Dead Diary HD
Redrum: Dead Diary HD

You Must Learn To Keep Secrets Hidden In Redrum: Dead Diary

December 7, 2012

Redrum: Dead Diary HD (Free) by G5 Entertainment is a hidden objects game filled with mystery, terror and the supernatural. Find clues to solve grisly murders by searching for hidden things, matching puzzle pieces and unlocking the mysteries inside the deadly insane asylum.

Little Rose hears voices. She talks to them. They tell her things, things that little girls shouldn’t know about. Rose’s father insists that she needs psychiatric help and sends her to see Dr. Sigmund Fraud. Fraud is a money-hungry fake who keeps Rose in his insane asylum for observation in order to drain her father of all his money.

What they don’t know is that Rose isn’t just hearing voices. She is speaking to the dead. They tell her secrets that ultimately help her detective uncle solve gruesome murders.

Every time you complete a hidden objects puzzle, you unlock another clue to helping the detective solve the murders and get one step closer to rescuing Rose from her waking nightmare.

Players find hidden objects in the traditional sense as well as unique puzzle adventures. For example, one puzzle requires players to match small, rectangular-shaped images to the full screen. Another puzzle asks players to find miniscule bacteria that are peppered about.

There are a number of different puzzles so players never get bored looking at the same screen or finding the same objects.

Each time you complete a puzzle, you move the story along. First, you help the detective find the clues he needed to prove that the billionaire’s death was not accident. Then, the detective needs help with a string of murders that have taken place recently in the town.

This game is a lot of fun for fans of the hidden objects genre. G5 Entertainment has proven themselves to be a top-notch company for these types of games. Previously, the puzzles were too low quality for me. However, Redrum: Dead Diary has vastly improved graphics. The first few levels are free to download, but you can unlock the entire game for only $4.99. There is also an iPhone version that can be unlocked for only $2.99. If you like hidden objects games, you’ll love this one.

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