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Rise of the Blobs
Rise of the Blobs

Get Some Juicy Puzzle Action With The Rise Of The Blobs

January 30, 2013

Rise of the Blobs (Free) by Robot Invader is a juicy new take on match-three puzzle games. If you are looking for some frantic, 3-D matching action with a new spin, then look no further than Rise of the Blobs.

I first heard about this game a few months ago, and am pretty excited that it is finally out. The game features lush 3-D graphics that are pleasing to the eyes and the music is quite catchy. The game features helpful messages to help new players understand each game mode, power-up, and other tips, so it is pretty useful.

In Rise of the Blobs, there is a stranded marshmallow creature, appropriately named Marsh Mal. He is at the top of a tower, isolated from the rest of the land by a moat, and there are a bunch of blob creatures that are coming from the liquid below. Your job is to help him fend off the blobs by popping them, but first they need to be fed fruits that Marsh Mal will be throwing down.

The controls are pretty easy. You rotate the tower by swiping left and right, and you can make fruit drop down faster by swiping down when it’s in the column you want, which is highlighted. In order to clear out blobs, you will first need to feed them the fruit that matches their color — once they get the fruit, they can be tapped on to be popped. You can pop any blob at any time — they don’t need to be in groups of three, but bigger groups means more points. Sometimes fruit won’t be able to reach a matching blob, so they will sit on top of other blobs, and you can clear them out by matching three of them vertically.

There are four game modes that you can unlock as you continue to play: Normal, Timed, Skull, and Match. With Normal, you clear blobs until the game ends when the blobs or fruit get to Marsh Mal at the top of the tower. Timed only gives players 15 seconds to start, and you must clear as many blobs as you can in that time frame. There are also clocks in blobs that you can collect by clearing them out, so it’s recommended to drop the fruit on blobs that will earn you extra time. It’s fast and frantic, but extremely rewarding. Skull will have two blobs on the tower at all times that have skulls in them, and you must clear them out before the skull detonates. Match will want you to make big color matches to earn major points.

Regardless of which game mode you choose to play, the game will end if the blobs get to the top of the tower. Timed will also end when you are out of time, and Skull will end if you allow a skull blob to detonate. Each game mode will have “waves,” where the fruit drops faster and the blobs rise quicker. Things can become pretty frantic very quickly.

It’s also important to keep an eye out on the blobs, because some of them may contain goodies you want, like coins and gems. There are also sleeping blobs, which won’t take fruit, but can be cleared out by making a match with other like-colored blobs. You can have four power-ups at a time, which can be activated by tapping on the buttons in the bottom half of the screen. Each game you complete will net you some experience for your rank, which can unlock different battlegrounds (each one has different colored fruit and blobs) as you level up.

The shop features various power-ups that you can purchase and upgrade, perks like rainbow fruit, and even costume pieces for Marsh Mal. You can also purchase a coin/xp doubler, Robot Invasion Pass, or more coins through in-app purchases.

The game also features Game Center support for leaderboards for all game modes, and there are 36 total achievements to obtain. Combined with the addictive, frantic nature of the game, there is plenty to do.

Overall, I found the game to be pretty great. I love the visuals, music, and humor with Marsh Mal’s dialogue. The gameplay is fast-paced, challenging, and very addictive. I love it so much that I’ve been losing sleep by staying up and playing this game! The only thing that would make it better is to have some sort of online multiplayer option, kind of like Tetris. There is a “Coming Soon” box, so at least there is more content to look forward to.

If you are looking for a puzzle game that is not a clone of everything else available in the market, then Rise of the Blobs is just what you need. Grab this juicy game in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad for free.

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