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match-three games

Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest gets more heroic and more rewarding

Nearly a couple of months after its release, Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest has received its first major update.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your Best Fiends

The title characters of Best Fiends are all set for the Chinese New Year festivities with the game’s latest update.

Digimon Heroes match-3 card battle adventure game out now on iOS

Seven months after its soft launch on iOS in select countries, Digimon Heroes has finally gone live on the App Store worldwide.

Are you ready for this jelly? King's Candy Crush Jelly Saga is out now on iOS

The casual match-three puzzle gaming franchise created by has another potential moneymaker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Magic: The Gathering matches with Puzzle Quest in new iOS game

There’s another high-profile franchise that has gotten the Puzzle Quest treatment: Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering.

Best puzzle games of all time

Get ready for your brain to hurt in the best way with the best puzzle games of all time.

Sword swinging, cube crushing and tree trimming fun - best new games weekly round-up

We're showing off the hottest new games from this week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Unleash your inner tactician in The Long Siege

The Long Siege is the perfect blend of match-three, RPG, and real-time strategy in one.

Go and get spaced out with these updated Angry Birds games

Rovio has recently slung notable updates into a handful of games in its prevailing and ever expanding Angry Birds franchise.

Slide and match your way through beautiful islands in Temple Rush, a new matching puzzle game

Temple Rush is an interesting hybrid of sliding and matching puzzle games that's worth checking out.

Match and outrun angry blocks in DigRun, a fresh new match-four puzzle game

You need to think fast to outrun the blocks in this awesome and challenging new puzzle game.

Don't get tied down in Wedding Escape, a refreshing and quirky new match-three puzzle game

You'll have to think and match your way out of matrimonial life in this quirky and challenging new puzzle game.

Rovio officially announces new Angry Birds Fight! match-three battle game

Angry Birds Fight! is touted by Rovio as the “very first cultural mash-up” in the Angry Birds series.

Evolve: Hunters Quest is your key to unlocking perks in 2K's upcoming Evolve shooter

Evolve: Hunters Quest connects to Evolve for additional content and perks.

Match and serve delectable treats in Airship Bakery, a tasty new match-three puzzler

This sweet match-three puzzle will leave you hankering for some baked goods.

Classic Bust-A-Move match-three puzzler returns in King-like fashion

Bust-A-Move Islands is a King-ified version of the eponymous iconic arcade game.

Chillingo releases cute and colorful balloon-popping match-three puzzler Hero Pop

In Hero Pop, your so-called cloud friends, as the popular song goes, need a hero.

Check out what games Electronic Arts' Chillingo has in store for early next year

Chillingo has a number of notable games in its pipeline for next year.

Viber messaging app expands platform to integrate with mobile games

The popular messaging app Viber has just been updated with support for Viber Games.

Disney introduces new free-to-play system with Club Penguin Puffle Wild for iOS

Club Penguin Puffle Wild is a match-three puzzle game that challenges you to conquer the wilds with powerful creatures called puffles.

DeNA's Polyform takes match-three puzzle gameplay to the next dimension

Polyform adds a new dimension to conventional match-three puzzle gameplay.

Clash of Clans developer Supercell soft-launches Spooky Pop match-three puzzle game

Spooky Pop sets itself apart from most other games of its kind with its new twist on puzzle matching.

Gameloft bakes new Pastry Paradise match-three puzzle game for iOS

Help the sweetest chef in the land stop a crooked cook from filling the world with cheap mud cakes and canned custard.

Chillingo lets you embark on a Rescue Quest in its new match-three puzzle adventure game

Rescue Quest has you guiding two wizard apprentices named Boom and Zap on their epic quest across the realm of Turnspell.