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Use Gravity To Your Advantage To Solve The Puzzles In Smagnetron

March 1, 2013

Smagnetron ($1.99) by Chilibite Entertainment is a physics-based puzzler that will have you playing with gravity itself.

I’m definitely a sucker for puzzles. Especially those that revolve around physics, because even though I was terrible in my high school physics class, science is still fun (FOR SCIENCE!). So when you put the two together, it’s the perfect combination, like a PB&J sandwich.

The thing that drew me to Smagmetron were the graphics. It’s very futuristic, and reminds me of another recent puzzle game, Sporos. It also has an awesome ambient soundtrack and fun sound effects to add some flair to the game.

In Smagnetron, you will have five galaxies to explore. Each one will have 20 stages for you to work your way through, so the game comes with 100 levels total. That’s quite a lot of content to solve, especially considering the fact that you will more than likely want to replay levels in order to get perfects on them.

So what goes on in Smagnetron? In each level, you will control a blue orb (the one with the white arrow in it), and you must guide it to the gate at the end. There are also yellow crystals that you can collect for more points. The orb will remain frozen in place at the start of each level — tapping anywhere will start the timer at the top, and the orb will begin moving.

To control the orb, you will tilt your device to maneuver it. The stars in the background will also indicate the directional pull of gravity, so pay attention to that. As you go through levels, you will also find objects that will change the flow of gravity once you run over them. These are important, and necessary to move onwards. More game mechanics will be introduced as you progress, so the gameplay does get shaken up a bit.

If you get stuck and need to restart, all you have to do is double-tap on the screen. You do only get three “lives” per game, so if you restart three times, then you will have to start over if you want to continue. The game will add up your total score before you lose the game, which will be your high score. Of course, you can continue the game from your last level, but your points will be reset.

Smagnetron also features Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements. The leaderboards will use your high score, so if you are the competitive type, then you will want to make sure you solve as many perfect puzzles as you can without losing your lives.

The best thing about Smagnetron is the fact that it is just pure game — there are no coins to collect for upgrades or power-ups, and there are no in-app purchases. Just a soothing soundtrack to go along with a relaxing puzzle game involving space and gravity.

If you are a fan of physics-based puzzlers, then Smagnetron is definitely one you should check out. It is available in the App Store as a universal app for $1.99.

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