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physics-based puzzle games

Plunge and spin to the goal in Drop Flip, a physics puzzler

Drop Flip is a new physics-based puzzler from BorderLeap and it's a gem for everyone.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Seasons and Friends in time for Valentine's Day

Rovio is getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day with new “lovely” content for two of its Angry Birds games.

Rainmaker - The Beautiful Flood is a puzzle game about rainfall

Unravel the secrets behind a mysterious rainfall in this gorgeous and charming puzzle game.

Abracadabra! Om Nom is back in Cut the Rope: Magic, out now on iOS

Cut the Rope: Magic features a new gameplay element in the form of Om Nom’s newly acquired shapeshifting ability.

ZeptoLab cuts the price of Cut the Rope 2, now free for the first time ever on iOS

The sequel to the pioneering Cut the Rope physics-based puzzle game created by ZeptoLab can now be downloaded on iOS for free.

Check out the trailer for Cut the Rope: Magic, coming Dec. 17

ZeptoLab has revealed a teaser trailer along with a definite release date for Cut the Rope: Magic.

'Ski or Squeal' in Angry Birds Seasons' new Advent calendar episode

’Tis the season once again … for the rollout of the Advent calendar episode of Angry Birds Seasons.

Fire the cannons to protect your Tiny Empire from orcs

Tiny Empire is a premium physics-based puzzle game that isn't marred with timers and in-app purchases.

Go and get spaced out with these updated Angry Birds games

Rovio has recently slung notable updates into a handful of games in its prevailing and ever expanding Angry Birds franchise.

Have some fun blowing up the bad guys in Fragger 2, the long awaited physics-based puzzle game sequel

Have you been waiting for more Fragger to enter your life? The wait is over with this fun and challenging sequel.

Odd Bot Out is a clever and charming physics-based puzzler that's out now on iOS

Odd Bot Out is a physics-based puzzler that has you helping the title character escape from his existential predicament.

Rovio flings new content into Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Space

Rovio has just introduced new content to two of the titles based on its Angry Birds physics-based puzzle game.

Volt is a charming and challenging physics-based puzzle game that will electrify your iPhone

Give your brain a jolt with the challenging gameplay of Volt.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Epic, Go! and Stella with holiday content and more

Rovio has just released notable updates to three of the latest titles in its hugely popular Angry Birds franchise.

This season, Rovio presents three holiday tournaments in Angry Birds Friends

In celebration of the holiday season, Angry Birds Friends is letting you compete in not one, not two, but three holiday-themed tournaments.

Rovio celebrates Angry Birds' 5th BirdDay with new levels inspired by fan art

Today is the fifth anniversary, or rather, “BirdDay” of Rovio’s original bird-flinging and pig-popping physics-based puzzle game.

Bounce to the goal in Gentlemen...Ricochet Mini!, a challenging retro physics puzzler

You'll have to be precise and fast to get through this retro physics-based puzzle game.

Gentlemen...Ricochet! physics-based puzzle game gets Mini 'remake/demake/sequel'

Gentlemen (and ladies), you are cordially invited to check out Gentlemen…Ricochet Mini! for iOS.

Angry Birds Star Wars II updated with new 'Revenge of the Pork' chapter

The Force is strong with this new update from Rovio.

Was Peggle Blast worth the wait and hype?

Peggle Blast is now available, but is it the same Peggle that you know and love?

Electronic Arts launches PopCap's Peggle Blast on the App Store worldwide

The latest installment in the Peggle series of physics-based puzzle games developed by Electronic Arts’ PopCap has officially blasted onto iOS.

Celebrate the holiday season 'On Finn Ice' with Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons

“The holidays are a time when families get together, and the birds are no exception.”

Golf to infinity and beyond in GOLFINITY, the new physics-based puzzler from NimbleBit

With GOLFINITY, there is no such thing as too much mini golf.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel goes way back to the magnetic age of the Industrial Revolution

ZeptoLab has just updated Cut the Rope: Time Travel with a new “revolutionary” destination from way, way back.