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Create Beautiful Photo And Video Slideshows With StackMotion

March 6, 2014

StackMotion ($1.99) by Flambe Studios LLC is a nifty photo editing app that allows you to put yourself in any moment. Like myself, you may not care to take pictures of yourself while on vacation, but you’ll inevitably regret not having them afterward. If so, StackMotion should interest you, and here’s why.

This quick and dirty editor allows you to add “front” and “back” layers to a photo, with the intent of chopping them up further to export the whole thing as a video slideshow. For example, you could easily take that one picture of you from a trip, and then add your cropped self to a video slide show of other photos. Especially since the results don’t look tacky like you may assume them to, StackMotion makes the whole process worthwhile.

Users can import a front and back photo to use, and the front photo can be cropped and have parts erased so only the part you like is there. With the example I mention about going on vacation, you could add a picture of yourself and then manually or automatically erase the background. Adding photos to the back layer will create a slideshow, and panoramic photos or widescreen videos are nicely supported.

To tweak your final product, you can add in-house music or alternatives from your own library, as well as many filters and other basic photo adjustments. Also, I found it to be a nice touch that opting for no music and only one background photo allows you to export the project as a photo rather than a still video, which makes more sense. Finally, to tell a short story through your creation, there are hundreds of customizable text options for you to choose from that will allow you to write on the finished product.

While you can choose from a set of aspect ratios, it is clear that StackMotion is intended for mobile use. Outputted videos have a maximum duration of 30 seconds, and with export options including YouTube, Viddy, and Instagram, short mobile videos are what StackMotion is for, and it really shines at this.

If you’d like to tell a story through photos that involve the option to cut, paste, and customize multiple images, look no further than StackMotion. It’ll really help you portray a story with one image of focus up front, which is a very unique feature in a photo or video editing app.

You can find StackMotion in the App Store for $1.99.

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