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Workout (7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise)
Workout (7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise)

Spend Seven Minutes A Day Getting Fit With Workout

May 26, 2013

Workout (7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise) ($0.99) by George Liang is an app that guides you through a seven minute workout routine.

Most of us like the idea of working out and staying fit, but it can be hard to find the time or focus to actually make it happen.

There have been claims that we can benefit from as little as seven minutes of exercise a day. Who doesn’t have seven minutes to spare?

This app guides you through the seven minutes of intense exercise and tracks your progress in a calendar. The interface is beautifully simple, so you have no chance of getting distracted. When you’re ready to get pumped, you just say so and the countdown will begin.

The routine takes you through 12 different exercises that last for 30 seconds each. You get 10 seconds to rest between each exercise, but in reality, you’ll be spending most of that time getting ready for the next round. If you’re used to spending hours at the gym, you’ll find this routine quite easy, but if not, it could be quite challenging.

You need to be able to see your iPhone while using this app so you know when the timers run out. Unfortunately, the background music doesn’t sync in time with the workouts, so you can’t rely on it to know when you need to change positions. There are even some gaps in the music halfway through exercises, so it’s better to ignore or mute it.

The workout is quite intense, but there are arguments about whether seven minutes is actually enough. If you don’t feel like it is, you can always repeat the process more than once. Thankfully, you can set the app up so that it automatically repeats the routine. You can even have it shuffle through the exercises in different orders. Every time you exercise, it’s logged into the calendar so you can monitor your progress.

Overall, this app does a great job of guiding you through your workout. My only complaint is about the music not playing in time with the exercises.

Apart from the music issues, the simplicity of this app makes it a great exercise companion.

You can get Workout for iPhone for $0.99 from the App Store.

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Workout (7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise)
Workout (7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise)
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