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Workout Companion Apps

If your workouts have become uninspired, look no further than your iPhone for a little bit of motivation. Get out of that old workout rut with apps that will inspire, update, and track your regimen. Armed with the apps in this AppGuide, you’ll be sure to find a new stride.

Essential Apps

Nike Training Club

by Nike, Inc.

If you only had enough space left for one work-out app on your device, make it Nike Training Club. In the spectrum of work-out companion apps, Nike Training Club is not only well-rounded but is also one of the most consistently maintained apps of its category. The app allows you to choose a Nike-approved workout based on goals and skill level. Without ever having to navigate from the app, you can set your soundtrack, make long-term goals, and track progress. Nike Training Club also comes loaded with tons of demo videos, so you’ll never have to guess what a burpee is ever again.

Zombies, Run!

by Six to Start

For anyone trying to build up their ability to run long distances, we strongly recommend Zombies, Run! You’ll be sure to finish a 5k when you have a horde of zombies ravenously crawling behind you. After the app’s launch, you're guided through an audio mission set in a post-apocalyptic survival camp. The app uses your device’s location services to track how far and at what pace you run during your missions. Enable the zombie chase option for a little added intensity.

Endomondo Sports Tracker – GPS Track Running Cycling Walking & More


A simple and reliable fitness tracker, Endomondo also uses location services, and a super clean interface to help you track the distance and time of your workouts. Loaded with tons of additional features, you can track your history, check in with friends, and find new recommended routes from other users. This app is best used for running and cycling.

Notable Apps

Lose It!

by FitNow

If you’re looking for an app that encompasses both diet and exercise, Lose It! keeps what you eat and what you burn in balance. Enter in your height, weight, age, and goal weight, and the app will calculate your plan and calorie allowances. The app allows you to document and track all of your food and exercise, but it's almost thorough to a fault. It functions perfectly as a daily food and exercise diary, but can be rather time-consuming if you have a busy schedule.


by Mindbloom

Since you’re already tracking your workouts, you might as well track the benefits too. Juice is a fun and simple way to track your energy levels based on sleep, exercise and nutrition. Simply input each piece of info rated from bad to great, and Juice then uses that information to deliver tips for improvement and weekly reports.

Decent Apps

Fitocracy - Free daily workout tracker and fitness community with 800+ exercises for strength, cardio, and weight loss.

by Fitocracy, Inc.

There’s no better motivator than a little friendly competition. Fitocracy couples tracking fitness goals with social groups as a place for people to inspire, share, and gain bragging rights about their achievements. Fitocracy is the perfect venue for athletic groups or leagues to communicate more formally. However, as with most crowd-sourced apps, Fitocracy relies on its user base to generate content - which can leave certain groups pretty empty.

Gorilla Workout : Athletic Fitness Training on a Budget

by Heckr LLC

For those who’ve already got the motivation, and just need some new material, Gorilla Workout is a simple and straightforward workout companion that delivers different workouts based on the user's ability. Also loaded with tons of demo videos, this app assures that you’ll never be caught in the same old routine.

Other Apps
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