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Daddy Was A Thief
Daddy Was A Thief

Quirky App Of The Day: Dad Was A Thief, Although Not A Great One

May 9, 2013

My dad is a professional pie maker. Most people think that this is pretty cool until they learn that we bake about 800 pies during a week of regret and self-loathing for Thanksgiving. At that point, we want to mutiny if it means that we can get the smell of pumpkin pie filling out of our hair and off our hands. However, we always admire what our dad goes through in the name of family. Daddy Was A Thief is another great example of the lengths a father will go to to provide for his family.

After being fired from his job, a father is left with the burden of having to face his wife and son with the horrible news. Or is he? What if there was a way around that uncomfortable conversation? Deciding to take a running jump over the line of right and wrong, this dad decides that becoming a thief is the best solution to his problem.

After doing what I assume is his first bank job, our daring dad jumps over to an apartment building. To get down, he’ll have to use his girth to crash through each floor as quickly as possible. I’m also going to assume that after 50 floors, his tush is rather sore.

To help Dad escape the floor, just swipe down. If you need to jump up to collect coins or get into a bathtub, swipe up. Dad will automatically run back and forth, so you don’t need to worry about right or left directional keys. Why would you want to jump into a bathtub? Well, the bathtub will crash through several floors at a rapid pace. It’s considered to be a shortcut.

Be careful not to spend too much time on a single floor. There are rockets that will hone in on your location and blast through the walls. There are also police officers and SWAT team members that you need to avoid. They’re not exactly there to give you an award for implementing a creative method of leaving an apartment building. They’ll kill you.

As you play, you earn experience points. As you level up, you unlock boosts and costumes that you can buy with the coins you collect in the game. If you would like to buy extra coins, there are in-app purchases available. You can purchase 2,000 coins for $0.99, 12,000 coins for $4.99, or 50,000 coins for $9.99. Considering that the game already costs $1.99, I think that the in-app purchases are a little excessive.

Daddy Was A Thief has a pretty creative premise. You don’t usually see an overweight man using his tush to crash through the floors of an apartment building. With all the costumes and boosts that you can unlock, you could easily play this game for hours.

Daddy Was A Thief is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $1.99.

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