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Soul Power
Soul Power

Quirky App Of The Day: Explore The Afterlife In Soul Power

January 12, 2014

Soul Power ($0.99) by Gabriel Koenig is an adventure game that features a ghost who is new to the afterlife. In a city named Corpatria, there are other ghosts like him. Some of them remember their previous life. Others are a little addled. You must help the ghosts and unlock other parts of the city in order to learn about your previous life.

Corpatria is a large city with portals that lead to other parts of it. These portals require a specific number of souls for you to access them. However, the first one doesn’t require any. When you enter the portal, you meet a ghost with a blue mask. The ghost remembers you, but it can’t tell you how it knows you.

The portals and the ghost with the blue mask are part of the dual goal of the game. First, you need to find out about your own previous life through the blue masked ghost’s memories. Second, you need to help other ghosts access memories of their previous life in order to collect souls.

Every ghost that you help will give you a soul. You use these souls to unlock new portals in Corpatria. Whenever you step through a new portal, the ghost with the blue mask is there with a new piece of a memory. It’s one of those games where you can only help yourself by helping others.

In Soul Power, you can fly. Flying is the easy part. Hovering is where it gets difficult. To help the ghosts regain their memory, you have to go inside their head and collect memory fragments. You have to hover over the memory fragment for about five seconds before you can collect it.

Later in the game, you have to navigate mazes lined with spikes to get the fragments. If you haven’t already learned how to hover, then this is definitely where you’ll figure it out. Unfortunately, it’s not something that I can explain. You hold both the left and right arrows to fly. Hovering requires you know when to fall, fly, and tap left or right. That’s why collecting the memory fragments is so challenging.

The game is certainly difficult to master. There are 40 levels that you can play in nine different areas of Corpatria. I liked the gray palette and how all the colors are muted except for the masks that you and the blue ghost wear. It was a great game to play, I really enjoyed it.

Soul Power is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.

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