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Quirky App Of The Day: Find Your Missing Bride In Dark Strokes: Sins Of The Fathers

January 14, 2013

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Collector's Edition HD (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc is a hidden objects game that like other Big fish games, puts a new spin on hunting for objects that you need. In this particular app, you can interact with other objects in the scene, like opening a purse or pulling away a curtain, to reveal other objects behind that that you need.

You start the game with your fiancé, Clair. You’re both catching a train to go see your father who has written you a letter, begging you to come see him. In fact, you’re going to even postpone your wedding to visit him.

Obviously, tragedy strikes. Seriously, what kind of a game would this be if you could just go visit, sip a cup of tea, and have a jaunty ride back in time for your special day? No, something has to go horribly, terribly wrong. Since you’re bringing your fiancé along for the ride, do you think fate is going to leave her alone? No. No it’s not.

A shadowy figure with a mask causes your train to crash, and you have to take a shoddy-looking mountain rail tram to go visit your dad. The shadowy figure then causes your tram to crash as well, and it steals your bride-to-be away from you. Now, you have to battle the supernatural and solve puzzles in order to save Clair.

Unlike other hidden object games, you sometimes have to move things around to find objects behind or underneath other items. These items are a yellow color in the list of things that you need to find. Any items that you need more than one of, like butterflies or snails, are also yellow.

Big Fish is famous for there being a twist at the end of their games, so make sure you play through to figure out what surprise the developers have in store for you.

There’s a free version to try out. If you want to unlock the full version, the game is $6.99. There’s a version for the iPhone and iPad, and each one is sold separately through an in-app purchase.

Dark Strokes: Sins Of The Father is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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