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Jack in Black!
Jack in Black!

Quirky App Of The Day: Jump And Pop With Jack In Black

April 12, 2013

Jack is a little fuzz ball. I don’t mean that in the sense of, “Oh, look at my adorable kitten. It’s such a little fuzz ball.” I mean it literally. Jack is something that you would pull out from underneath your couch. However, his big eyes make him look adorable instead of creepy. Jack In Black is all about this cute little dust bunny who needs to get a present.

Jack is in a lot of trouble with his girlfriend. He forgot her birthday. He needs your help to get her a present so that she doesn’t go ballistic. Jack’s solution to this conundrum is to let you play two different games and use your high scores to earn a present.

There’s a jumping game and a plopping game. The high score of each game is added together. This score goes towards earning your present.

The jumping game has horizontal lollipops that act as platforms. Your goal is to jump onto as many lollipops as possible without falling. Be careful though. Not all of these lollipops are safe to jump on. For instance, the blue spiral ones make you slip off. Some of these lollipops move, tilt, and even disappear.

The plopping game involves remembering what type of lollipop you saw flash on the screen. A huge picture of a lollipop with a specific pattern on it will pop up on the screen. Then, many smaller lollipops that have several different patterns will fall down to the bottom of the screen. Find the lollipops that match the huge one that you first saw. When you’ve found all the matching lollipops, a different pattern will flash on the screen, and you’ll search through the remaining lollipops for the new pattern.

What happens when you tap on the wrong lollipop? It will inflate. When the right lollipop pattern flashes on the screen, you’ll need to tap on it a few extra times to deflate it before it will pop.

Each of these games start with a timer set for one minute. You can get additional time during the game, and you can earn time bonuses with your scores. The higher your score is, the more time you earn. For example, a score of 50 in either game will earn you a five second time boost.

You can also buy time bonuses in the store. A 55 second time boost costs $0.99, a 165 second time boost costs $1.99, a 385 second time boost costs $4.99, and a 1,925 second time boost costs $19.99.

This game is something that both adults and kids can enjoy. While the challenging gameplay may prevent kids from actually beating the game, they would still have fun trying. Adults would also enjoy these two challenging game modes as they struggle to earn enough points for a present.

Jack In Black is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.

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