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Jail Escape - Adventure Game
Jail Escape - Adventure Game

Quirky App Of The Day: Plot Your Route In Jail Escape

November 19, 2013

Jail Escape - Adventure Game (Free) by Corinne Muzzolini is a demanding app, and it will not only test your will but your patience as well. You play as a character named Michael. He needs to escape so that he can rescue his wife from the Mafia boss. I know that I sometimes make up my own backstory for these kinds of games, but this time the story comes straight from the App Store information page.

You have to navigate a series of tunnels and rooms before you can reach the outside. The problem is that there are police officers patrolling certain areas. You, as an escaping prisoner, probably don’t want to be seen by the authorities. You also don’t have a weapon.

To get by the police, you have to walk into them while their backs are turned towards you. You’ll knock them out quietly before they have the chance to raise the alarm. The problem comes when there are multiple policemen. I’ll let you guys figure out exactly how to get past them.

Once you leave the underground tunnels, you reach up for a ledge, and you can sense sweet freedom. This sense is a lie, and you’re still in danger of getting caught. You’ve only made it to the yard. Now, there are searchlights as well as guards for you to hide from.

You do eventually escape from the prison yard, and you make it to the outside world. Congratulations. Now, you can play again and see if you can beat your previous time.

One thing that took me a long time to get used to was the controls. The right and left buttons are stacked on top of each other instead of being side by side. I kept reaching for a button to the side that wasn’t there. It takes a few runs through the game, but eventually you get used to the configuration.

There are ads that run while you play. They’re located in the upper right corner. I could still see everything that I needed to. There’s no option to remove these ads.

This game is definitely challenging. There are many times that you have to wait for the right moment before you can jump or move down a level. If you don’t have any patience and want to push your way through the game, then you’re not going to do so well.

Jail Escape is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Jail Escape - Adventure Game
Jail Escape - Adventure Game
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