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Santa Rama: Christmas Mania
Santa Rama: Christmas Mania

Quirky App Of The Day: Save The Kids In Santa Rama: Christmas Mania

December 21, 2013

Santa Rama: Christmas Mania (Free) by shazad yousaf is a fun game that lets you save kids from advertisements. With Christmas around the corner and various other holidays from October to April, many companies and stores are in marketing overdrive. Kids are bombarded with different messages about what to want. The point of this game is to save kids from the ads.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting and playing games, or eating a little junk food. However, anyone who spends much time with kids knows that children want to overdo these activities. It’s hard to convince them to put the game down and pick up a book, turn off the TV and paint a picture, and to eat some fruit instead of junk food.

In this game, you tap on the kids to set them free from the hypnotic pull of the ads. You can also use boosts to help them read or play activities. There are patience tokens that you can pick up during the game. You can use these to make your reading and activity boosts more effective.

If any of the children get past you and reach the ads, the game is over. You move to a menu that allows you to use your patience points and increase your boosts. If you choose to play again, you can read the memes that the developer created.

There are ads. It’s a game about saving kids from ads. Of course there are going to be ads. There’s an ad that pops up after you die, and there are banner ads that run along the bottom. The ads are actually pretty funny, not because of what they advertise, but because of how they’re used. The banner ads are positioned in a way that it looks like the kids are being drawn to them

I enjoyed playing this game. The most important message in this game is how sensitive kids are to the messages in advertisements and how we as adults respond to them. The memes are pretty funny and are about how a child’s mind responds to the ads, and there’s an eerie truth to them.

Santa Rama: Christmas Mania is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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