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Wrath of Math
Wrath of Math

Quirky App Of The Day: Save Your City From The Wrath Of Math

December 14, 2013

Wrath of Math (Free) by Thomas Hansen is reminiscent of a game that I used to play when I was in grade school. There were these asteroids that had a math problem on them, and you had to point your ship at the asteroid and answer the math problem correctly to blow it up. It was an awesome game, and I actually miss it. That’s right. Almost 20 years later, I want to play a math game from the fifth grade.

You have a city that you need to defend from asteroids. You can choose to play on easy, medium, or hard. The difficulty level determines how high the buildings in your city are. Higher buildings mean that you have less time to respond to the asteroids.

The math problems start out easily enough. They were problems like simple addition and subtraction. By the end of the game, I was trying to figure out what 15 X 7 equals. So, no, this is not a game just for kids. There are plenty of adults who would have to sit for a moment and think through these problems.

Every time you answer a question correctly, your city fires a rocket that blasts the asteroid into little bits. If you don’t get the right answer, there’s no action. You can continue to guess until you either get it right or the asteroid hits the city.

You can earn coins by answering the questions correctly. These coins can be used to buy hints or boosts to help you. You can purchase a hint for 25 coins, or you can buy nukes for 100 coins. These nukes take out all the asteroids coming towards your city.

You can purchase coins through in-app purchases. You can buy 1,000 coins for $0.99, 2,500 coins for $1.99, or 7,500 coins for $2.99. Those are pretty reasonable prices.

This game was pretty fun to play around with. It’s something that kids could enjoy, and it makes me feel a little superior that I still remember how to do multiplication in my head. Whether you’re 10 or 30, you can have some fun with math and flaming asteroids.

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