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Ice Man Jump
Ice Man Jump

Quirky App Of The Day: Take A Leap Of Faith In Ice Man Jump

April 4, 2013

Ice Man Jump (Free) by Stepapps may seem simple on the surface, but this game is definitely challenging. Guide your stick figure across the icy terrain as he bounces from island to island. However, one slip could prove to be his doom. The ground beneath the islands is covered in spikes.

Your stick guy doesn’t jump from island to island. I’m not sure if he’s lazy or doesn’t have the muscle coordination to jump. He just wanders along, not paying attention to the spikes below him. He walks right off the ledges without a second thought. So, how do you protect someone who is completely oblivious to his surroundings? Well, you could stick him in a padded room, but that wouldn’t be a very fun game. The answer in Ice Man Jump is to give him trampolines to bounce on.

When your stick figure guy walks off the edge of an island, swipe your finger across the screen to place a trampoline below him. He’ll safely bounce into the air. Well, he’s safe until he starts to fall back down. Once gravity takes hold of him, it’s up to you to decide if he can make it to the next island, or if you need to draw another trampoline for him.

To add another challenge to the game, your supply of trampolines is not unlimited. You begin each level with seven. You can collect more trampolines throughout the level.

You can also buy more trampolines with the coins that you collect during each level. To access the store, just tap on the money icon in the lower right corner.

Coins aren’t the only currency in this game. You can also use your points to purchase items. Instead of extra trampolines, you can purchase boosts. These boosts are things like extra lives, beginning the level with an extra trampoline, or starting the level out with a rocket that you can ride. You can also exchange your points for coins.

You can buy points through an in-app purchase. The smallest amount is 4,000 points for $0.99. The most expensive package is 700,000 points for $99.99.

I liked having to use the trampolines to jump from island to island. I also thought it was pretty cool that you could use both coins and points to purchase different items in the store.

Ice Man Jump is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!


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Ice Man Jump
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