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Slender Man Racing Car Race Real Addictive Rising Games
Slender Man Racing Car Race Real Addictive Rising Games

Quirky App Of The Day: Take Down Slender Man In Slender Man Racing Car Race

March 17, 2013

is a racing game that lets you go after Slender Man instead of running away from him. However, an even darker problem lurks in this game through the in-app purchases that buyers need to be wary of. The game is a great idea, but the way the in-app purchases are set up is utterly ridiculous.

Let me start by saying that you can play this game completely free without having to pay a penny. You’re limited to the normal mode which is to have one life and a regular ammo supply.

The goal of the game is to take out Slender Man as he runs away from you. It’s awesome to see Slender Man running away from me for once. As he’s running away, you use your mini guns on your truck to take him out. If he gets too close to your truck, the screen starts to go hazy like in the original game.

The problem is if you want to unlock more modes. I knew that the in-app purchases were there, but I never suspected how much they would cost. When I found out, I was livid.

There are five modes altogether. There’s baby, kid, normal, fun, and deluxe. Obviously the deluxe mode screamed out for an in-app purchase. When I clicked on it, I was blown away by the prices. The deluxe mode was $150. No, I’m not missing a decimal point. The kid’s, baby, and fun mode all cost $50 each.

I was certain that there must have been an error somewhere. Surely no one would expect anyone to pay that much money. Then, my husband pointed out a darker purpose for setting up the in-app purchases that way. Many people just click through expecting to pay $0.99. Some might be surprised to find a $5.00 charge to their account. No one would suspect that they might be agreeing to $150. Always read the fine print, people.

The game itself is a brilliant idea. It could have done just fine without the in-app purchase shenanigans. I could keep the game and play it as a strictly free game while ignoring the other modes completely. However, I’ve decided during the course of this review that I can’t support a game that relies on people not reading the fine print.

Slender Man Racing Car Race is universal app and it’s available in the App Store for free.


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Slender Man Racing Car Race Real Addictive Rising Games
Slender Man Racing Car Race Real Addictive Rising Games
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