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Naught 2
Naught 2

Quirky App Of The Day: The World Spins Round And Round In Naught 2

November 1, 2013

Naught 2 ($1.99) by Blue Shadow Games S.L. is a physics-based game that turns the world on its head. Soon, you’ll be left wondering which way is up. In this world of shadows, the landscape twists and turns with hidden passageways, deadly brambles, and tree seeds. You, however, are not the victim of gravity while you explore this strangle place. You control it with a tilt or tap from your fingers.

Naught was placed under the roots of a tree in the first game. He was called upon by this tree to help it defeat the shadows that were growing underground. In exchange for his help, the tree would help him regain his memories of the woman who left him behind.

Now, the tree is warning that the shadows are growing restless. It can’t keep the shadows back for long. Naught must go further underground with each level to defeat the monsters. As the game progresses, Naught will get more of his memories back.

The game features beautiful black and white graphics. They are crisp and clean, and the splashes of color are bright. Although you can only see Naught’s eyes, he’s still an expressive character.

To control the game, you can choose to use the accelerometer or buttons. However, it’s not Naught that you’re controlling. You’re actually rotating the screen, and he responds appropriately. For example, if you tilt the iDevice a little to the right, he’ll skid along the ground. If you tilt it more, he’ll free fall until he hits an obstacle or you tilt the device enough to steer him toward solid ground.

Part of the challenge of this game is that there’s no floor or ceiling. You can rotate the game to run along both. In fact, there are things that you need to collect on both the top and bottom of the screen. Many times, you’ll have to aim carefully when you tilt to make sure you hit your goal and not the obstacles around it.

In Naught 2, you need to collect tree seeds. These seeds will activate checkpoints later in the level. There are also three diamonds that are scattered around. You’ll need to find at least one of these diamonds in order to end the level.

There are 30 levels for you to play through with three bonus levels. There’s also a second chapter coming up that will be a free update for all those who have previously purchased the game.

Naught 2 is filled with many fun features. The perception of gravity is something that you need to experience. There aren’t many games available like it. It also has a compelling storyline that keeps you moving through the levels. This silly black cat can sure pull at your heartstrings.

Naught 2 is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $1.99.

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