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Turn Your Plain Old Video Into A Vivoom

August 22, 2013

Vivoom (Free) by GenArts, Inc. is a video editing app that allows you to add retro effects to your videos, and share them with friends. After all, we have enough photo editing apps, right? After Instagram made video filters go mainstream, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are going to see many more apps like this soon. Vivoom also has a built-in micro social network. With top giants like Vine, Instagram, and even Mixbit, Vivoom has a lot of competition. Does it have a unique enough feature set to make it come out on top in some way? That is the question.

Since it is a micro social network, you’ll have to sign up for Vivoom before using the app or service. This can be done by connecting with Facebook or Twitter, or by signing up the old fashioned way. After this, you can start making videos. Of course, you can import videos from your Camera Roll or record new ones, but there is also Dropbox integration, so you can pull them from there as well.

The editing process for a video is relatively simple. Vivoom applies a somewhat retro effect to videos, which is available through filters (known as “Looks”), adjusting brightness and contrast, and adding enhancements. Videos can also be trimmed, and have no foreseeable time limit. After posting a video to the network, you have the option to share it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the system clipboard, or via Messages. Videos can also individually be set as private, so no one else can view them. The results are quite interesting, and you can view a sample video here.

As expected from a micro social network of this nature, others can also comment on and like your Vivoom videos, and they can be shared at any time. There is also an “Explore” tab, like the one found in the Vine app, although the content is not as curated. It also seems like there is a fair amount of users on the network, as five more videos were uploaded momentarily after I added mine. Whether or not Vivoom has anything more to offer than Instagram or Vine is up to the users, but the fact that the app does not restrict your video to a square is a notable feature.

Vivoom is available for your iPhone in the App Store for free.

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