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Whitespace Is A Note Jotting App With The Functionality Of A Text Editor

August 22, 2013

Whitespace - A Writer, Editor and Organizer For Your Notes and Ideas (Free) by Dynotes Mobile Technology LTD. combines a clean note taking app with the powerful capabilities of a text editor. More notably, we’re talking about a text editor that supports John Gruber’s Markdown syntax. If you’re obsessed with Markdown like a lot of us here at AppAdvice, you probably want to use the syntax everywhere. Maybe you even use it in text messages, emails, tweets, or anywhere else you can. In Whitespace, you can use Markdown in all of your daily note taking. Whether you use it to make lists, insert links, or for headings, your notes will be a lot clearer and easier to understand.

First and foremost, Whitespace uses a text editor for input. Upon tapping the “+” button in the top right corner, the text editor flies up and is ready to go. Like with most other text editors that support Markdown, you’ll find an extra row of buttons above the keyboard. These include formatting options like inserting lists or headers, rich text options like bold or italics, and a button to attach photos to the note. There’s also a button that can be used to bring up the typical action menu for cut, as well as copy and paste that is used across iOS. I’ve never seen a button like this before, and would absolutely love to have one in complex text editors like Editorial, which is the app I used to write this review. Users also have the option to hide the toolbar and navigation bar for a clean, full screen note jotting experience.

Whitespace is also an organizer for your notes, since you can categorize them using names you choose. However, I find they work more like tags, since you can assign more than one to a note. You can also attach multiple photos, and share notes via email in plain text, rich text, or HTML.

The only thing I find Whitespace to be lacking is the ability to backup or sync your notes to the cloud. I’m not saying that the app should have full file system access to Dropbox, but the option to backup there would be nice. In today’s age of rapid change, it’s not like I’ll be using Whitespace forever, so I’d like a way to take my notes with me when it’s time to move on.

If you like the idea of an app for storing short notes with Markdown support, look no further than Whitespace – A Writer, Editor and Organizer For Your Notes and Ideas in the App Store for free. The app is ad-supported by default, but an in-app purchase of $1.99 will remove those ads and support the developer.

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