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Apple's iOS 7 Beta 1 Attracts Interest, Now Running On 0.22 Percent Of U.S. iDevices

It seems that the radical redesign made to Apple's mobile operating system in iOS 7 has encouraged countless developers to take the prerelease software for a spin, according to Chitika Insights. In fact, more than double the number of developers who installed last year's iOS 6 beta 3 on an iPhone or iPod touch are already running iOS 7 beta 1. Chitika notes that iOS 7 beta 1 presently accounts for 0.22 percent of U.S. Web traffic coming from an iPhone or iPod touch - a figure that has rocketed since the software's release earlier this week, and which is continuing to climb at a rapid rate. [caption id="attachment_430101" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Chitika Insights.[/caption] Chitika explains: "The more radical design change, and its potential impact on existing applications, could be driving this behavior. Alternatively, the new interface could be spurring users to browse more frequently." Apple's iOS 7 is indeed the most radical redesign ever to be applied to the Cupertino, Calif. company's mobile operating system, and as such huge developer interest in the new mobile OS was expected. With iOS 6 presently installed on an impressive 93 percent of North American iDevices, it's likely that the adoption rate of iOS 7 will be particularly high once the software update launches in the coming months. Potential iOS 7 beta 1 users should nevertheless be aware that the prerelease software expectedly ships with a selection of bugs, one of which allows users to easily bypass a passcode-locked iDevice and access, edit, share, or delete images housed on the iPhone or iPod touch. As such, registered developers are obviously not advised to install iOS 7 beta 1 on their primary iDevice. For more information on iOS 7, see: Song Scrubbing Is Finally Added To The Lock Screen In iOS 7Impressive Concept Shows iOS 7 Running On A 4.3-Inch iPhone Handset, and Some Apps Are Facing An Uncertain Future Thanks To Apple's iOS 7 Update.
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