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Impressive Concept Shows iOS 7 Running On A 4.3-Inch iPhone Handset

With Apple having unveiled its impressive iOS 7 at the beginning of the week, ADR Studio has turned its attention to what the Cupertino, Calif. company's forthcoming iPhone handsets could bring. Though a minor iPhone 5S upgrade is expected to launch later this year, in a recent concept ADR looks ahead to 2014's anticipated iPhone 6, and imagines what iOS 7 might look like running on a 4.3-inch handset. Recent analysis has indeed suggested that Apple could enter the "phablet" market with its eighth-generation iPhone, in an attempt to better compete against the likes of countless large-screen Android-powered smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Even Donald Trump put forward an opinion on the debate, arguing that Apple will "lose a lot of business" if it fails to launch a bigger iPhone in the near future. ADR Studio has taken Apple's radical redesign of the iOS and imagines how its iOS 7-style interface would look on a 4.3-inch iPhone. As you can see, ADR's anticipated iPhone 6 handset features an edge-to-edge screen, along with a gesture-compatible "touchpad" Home button, a revamped camera, and a dual LED flash. [caption id="attachment_430008" align="aligncenter" width="593"] ADR's iPhone 6 concept.[/caption] Whether Apple's iPhone 6 will offer any (let alone all) of ADR's suggested features, however, remains to be seen. For the full concept, be sure to take a look at ADR Studio's website. Alternatively, for some of our most recent iPhone 6 related articles, see: Forget September: Apple's iPhone 5S Set For October Launch, Report SuggestsWWDC 2013: Apple May Be Prepping An iPhone Surprise, and Forget Rome, For Apple All Roads Lead To Fall Launch For New iOS Devices.
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