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Ahead Of WWDC, Apple's iOS 6 Is Installed On 93 Percent Of iPhones

Ahead Of WWDC, Apple's iOS 6 Is Installed On 93 Percent Of iPhones

June 7, 2013
Ahead of its forthcoming WWDC keynote, at which Apple is expected to announce its next-generation mobile operating system, recent data from Chitika Insights reveals that iOS 6 is presently installed on 92.7 percent of all iPhones in North America. Despite the impressive figure, however, it's also surprising to hear that versions of the iOS as old as iOS 3 are still being used on a small fraction of iPhone handsets. While almost 93 percent of iPhones are indeed now powered by iOS 6, 5.5 percent run iOS 5, 1.7 percent run iOS 4, and a minute 0.1 percent run Apple's archaic iOS 3. An even smaller fraction of iPhones not covered by the report, we might add, are already running iOS 7. Apple's iPad follows a similar trend, with 82.9 percent of iPad users presently hooked up to iOS 6, 13.4 percent using iOS 5, 3.8 percent running iOS 4, and 0.6 percent sticking with iOS 3. Chitika reiterates:
Regardless of the reason for the disparity, the data bolsters the idea that iPhone users tend to be serial updaters. At nearly 93%, North American iPhone owners are almost all running the most recent iOS version in some form.
New versions of the iOS typically see fast adoption by iPhone users, with more than 60 percent of North American iPhone owners having installed iOS 6 one month following its launch. As such, once iOS 7 becomes available later this year, you can bet that countless iDevice users - and especially iPhone owners - upgrade to the new software almost immediately. For the full report, take a look at Chitika Insights' page. Alternatively, for additional iOS 7 related news, see: The Latest iOS 7 Concept To Hit The Web Is InteractiveWill iOS 7 Show That It's Hip To Be Square?, and Purported Image Of iOS 7 Home Screen Hits The Web.

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