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apple shares

Brean Capital praises Apple to investors, cites success of iPhone

Apple's "iPhone 6c" is the main reason the analyst sees shares in the company continuing to perform well.

RBC Analyst Increases Apple Stock Price Target Ahead Of A Promising Few Months

If you're planning on purchasing Apple stock, now would be a good time to buy.

Following 8 Percent Decline In Price, Apple Bought Back $14 Billion Of Its Own Stock

Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple recently bought back $14 billion worth of its own stock.

Apple Stock Takes A Positive Turn, Closes Above $550 At The End Of Black Friday Trading

The only way is up for Apple stock (at least for now).

Apple's Biggest Investment Last Quarter Was Itself

Guess who Apple bought into last quarter for $16 billion.

WWDC Can't Come Quick Enough ... For Apple Stock

Is the long wait between Apple announcements the reason behind the company's recent dip in stock price?

Apple's Shares Hit Lowest Level Since July Following Earnings Call

Despite bringing in $36 billion in revenues and a $8.2 billion profit during the last quarter, Apple can’t seem to catch a break from investors.

In Legal Setback, Apple Seems To Have Forgotten They Are A Public Company

Apple may have beaten Samsung in court to the tune of $1.05 billion. But it might have come at a high price.

Apple Issues A Samsung Hit List, As Their Stock Continues To Climb

Apple shares continue to climb after their victory over Samsung.

Apple Shares Down Again, Off Significantly From Last Week's All Time High

Apple shares are trading lower for the fifth day in a row. What's going on here?