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color matching

Infinitely match and race to the top of the charts in Kapsula

If you enjoy infinite runners, twitchy reflex, racing, and color-matching games, you are going to love Kapsula.

Guide The Migrating Butterflies To Freedom In Flutter, A Side-Scrolling Color Matcher

Relax and guide the butterflies in this soothing color matching game.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide In Escape From Age Of Monsters

Show these monsters who's boss ... by running like hell and punching anything in your path.

Match Threes Are A Miss, But This One's A Hit

"Match three" games aren't usually much fun, but "Boxel" puts an engaging spin on the genre.

Embattle Games Releases Bump Color For iPhone

If you enjoy color matching games mixed in with physics-based, on-rails gameplay, check out Bump Color. The game was released recently and offers iPhone owners a fun ride across a water pathway.

Review: Wispin - Spinning The Color Wheel

Wispin offers up a new game mechanic combining color matching and arcade action. Move around switching colors to pop pests of certain colors. Click through to find out if it's worth picking up.