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IAPs Not At Fault As Ngmoco Halts Support For Popular 'Eliminate' FPS

Struggling publisher Ngmoco is closing up shop on one of its most popular titles ever.

Sneak Peek: Star Wars: Imperial Academy Coming Soon Worldwide

Star Wars: Imperial Academy was just released in Canada. Ngmoc and THQ have teamed up to bring a Star Wars themed Eliminate style FPS game to iOS devices. Click through to find out all about it.

AppGuide: Multi-Player First Person Shooters

Lock 'n Load and see which iPhone shooters ranked in the top, and which ones you can actually skip to go get that "McDonald's value meal" instead in our newest Appguide for Multi-Player First Person Shooters.

Review: Eliminate Pro - Plus Video

Eliminate Pro has finally arrived. It's the first major game to ship free, and include all pay type as in-app purchases. It's a deluxe first person shooter online death match. How does this game rate? Read on to find out.