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endless game

Explore a shifting world in Land Sliders, a casual arcade game

Slide the world and explore ever nook and cranny to rack up the points in this cute and charming arcade game.

One banana, two banana, three banana, score in Monkey Blast!

Blast off to avoid villains and collect bananas in this new endless flying game.

The new Let’s Go Rocket is a challenging, endless space game

Keep your rocket moving up as you avoid objects and collect gems.

Keep away from the walls in the new Flux: Evolution game

Are you looking for a new endless game? Keep your eye on the circle in this fast-paced challenge.

AppAdvice Daily: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch and the best new games

New iPhones are hitting stores today and we have the best new games to play while you wait.

Get Your Reflexes Ready For Endless Arcade Game Super Ccatch

In this endless arcade game, reflexes are of the essence. Want to find out how quick you can be with your thumbs?

Be Greedy And Reach New Depths In Doug Dug

Just how deep can you dig before you get squished? Find out in Doug Dug.

Dronius Is An Arcade Space Adventure That Is Quite A Challenge

Help a small drone venture from the Sun to Pluto in an arcade space adventure that isn't as easy as it looks.

Breakfinity Turns Breaking Bricks Into An Endless Journey

This spin on the classic brick breaking games never ends.

Dream Flight Introduces Many Mystifying New Features With Version 2.0

Less than one month after shipping a solid 1.0, JQ Software's hard work has brought many improvements to the endless flying game.

Exercise Your Eyes, Ears And Reflexes In BubbleManiac

BubbleManiac is a simple, engaging, and visually-stimulating twitch reflex game that is super easy to pick up and play.

Win A $10 iTunes Gift Card And Reach New Heights In Pocket Climber

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes Gift Card from PunchBox Studios and AppAdvice!

Bird Jumper Jumps Into App Store, Somehow Manages To Stand Out

Spool's simple endless jumper is easy to pick up, hard to put down.

Post-Apocalyptic "Ollie Punk" Is The Future Of Skateboarding

Ollie Punk is an endless skateboarding app that's high on style but low on content.

Become A Pool Of Red Pixels In Pixel City Skater

Endless running games are becoming more popular every day. Pixel City Skater swaps running with skating, but is essentially a watered down version of more popular titles like Canabalt.

Bird Strike Is Available For Free Today Only

Help Gerald the bird collect seeds while avoiding hazardous obstacles for free today only.