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Could Siri Gain Support For Chinese, Japanese And Russian Next Month?

Apple's 'humble personal assistant" - Siri - is great, but currently she (or "he," if you live here in the UK) only supports a handful of languages: English (British, American and Australian variants), French and German. However, a new report claims that Apple is preparing to launch support for three additional languages - Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Russian - as early as next month.

Learn A New Language With Japanese Phrases & Lessons, Plus A Chance To Win

Japanese Phrases & Lessons covers pronunciation, grammar, and the differences between katakana, hiragana, and kanji.

JAPOW! Teaches You Japanese Slang, Free For A Limited Time

JAPOW! is a language learning app that exposes the hilarious side of Japanese culture. With over 100 words and corresponding illustrations, you will know plenty of street slang to help you fit in on your next trip to Japan. Just try not to be a hetare (coward) while you are there.

QuickAdvice: Get Fast Paced Shooting Action With Dodonpachi Resurrection

Fans of the original Dodonpachi or just bullet hell games in general should be pleased to find Dodonpachi Resurrection in the App Store. Is it worth your hard earned cash? Read on to find out.

Like Everything Else, The iPhone Is Better With Bacon

While Apple did provide several different types of free cases for iPhone 4 owners, they were all missing one thing: Bacon.

Mikado Defenders - Japanese Style Defense Game For iPhone

Mikado Defenders is an exciting new Japanese style defense simulation for the iPhone and iPod touch. In this classic tower defense game, with unique Japanese artwork, you must desperately defend your fortress from a demonic attack.


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