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Your kids can learn how to program robots with Blockly

The latest update to this educational app provides new ways for your kids to learn from Dash and Dot.

Find movies that are truly appropriate for kids and family

Get the information that really matters about movies for your family.

The iPhone can be a parent's best friend with these apps

Parenting can be just a tad bit easier with the help of these iPhone apps.

Get the kids excited for Christmas with the best iOS apps for children

Have a Merry Christmas with these kid-friendly apps.

Little Builders: A Fun, Interactive iOS Game For Kids

Looking for a new iOS game that your kid can enjoy? Check out Little Builders.

Load Up Mom's New iPad With These Apps For Mother's Day

Be sure to treat Mom's iPad to these apps this Mother's Day weekend.

AppAdvice Daily: Scan, Snap And Create Events With The Best New Apps Of The Week

It's time to get productive with the best new apps of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Sprout NOW Offers Live And On Demand Programming For Preschoolers On iOS Devices

The network for preschoolers is now available via iOS devices.

AppAdvice Daily: A Cool Calculator, Awesome Art, And A Clean Camera Roll App

Get ready for a calculator with no equal, an awesome art app for kids, and an app that will organize your photos.

These Fun Apps Will Get The Kids Excited For Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas with these kid-friendly apps.

Live Your Childhood Dreams With Double Fine's Costume Quest

Double Fine's Costume Quest is now available on iOS, but is it worth dropping the cash on? Let's find out.

These Apps Will Turn Your iPhone Into A Parenting Tool

The iPhone can be a parent's best friend.

A Cautionary Tail Is Not Just For Those Who Have An Extra Prehensile Appendage

Listen to this interactive book as a girl with a tail learns about what it means to be special.

Dash & Bash Your Way To The Finish Line In This Cute Aquatic Racer

This duck is out to overthrow the beaver as the aquatic racing champion, but needs your help! Are you up to the task?

Show Off, Decorate And Save Memories With These Apps

We have the best new apps and updates of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Inspire Your Child's Imagination With These Amazing iPad Books

Bring story time into the 21st century with these amazing children's book apps for your iPad.

Keep Your Child Entertained From Morning To Night

There are many apps out there that are geared towards children. Here are the best apps that will not only entertain them, but also educate them!

How High In The Sky Can Bouncy Go?

Rabbits like to hop, but this one likes to jump! How high can Bouncy the Rabbit go with the help of a trampoline?

Get Your Children Into The Holiday Spirit With These Adorable Christmas Apps

Spread the holiday cheer with these great Christmas apps made for kids!

Bronies Rejoice! Create Your Own Ponyville In My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic

Hey everypony! Now you can have the magic of friendship and ponies right on your iDevice with the official My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic game from Gameloft.

Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained And Out Of Your Email

Ever wonder how you can settle your kids down on a long car ride or in the grocery store?

ParaNorman: 2-BIT BUB Is Anything But Your Normal Puzzle Game

Can't wait to see ParaNorman next month? This free game gives you a glimpse of the strange things you can expect in the theater.

New iPad App Features Lite Versions Of Six Incredible Children's Games

After downloading this free taster app, you'll probably want to buy some of the full games. Luckily, they are on sale this week, and 35 lucky readers will get a game for free.

Help Burger Cat Get His 'Om Nom Nom' On

Ravenous Games has release a game that involves cats and cheeseburgers — what could be better, right?