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Golf to infinity and beyond in GOLFINITY, the new physics-based puzzler from NimbleBit

With GOLFINITY, there is no such thing as too much mini golf.

Mini-Golf Gets Robots, Blasts Into Outer Space In Astro Golf For iOS

This new iOS application really does take golf to new heights.

Miniature Golf Gets A Throwback Makeover, Play Like A 1990s Graphic

Putter King Adventure Golf is an adorable new putt-putt golf (mini golf or miniature golf) game for both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad. Using a slide-to-swing joystick and swipe-to-aim visuals, this game is sure to please both lovers of putt-putt golf and lovers of cute things all the same.

Tiki Golf 2 Reinvents Mini Golf

Tiki Golf 2 is an extreme mini golf game that pushes the limits of what a tiny ball and a metal club can achieve. In the sequel, Tiki Bob takes on a whole new playing field, complete with new friends and new adventures.

Crayon Canyon, A Physics-Based Game That Defies Physics

Crayon Canyon is a physics-based game of miniature golf that goes out of its way to stop you from getting to your destination. Getting a hole-in-one is no easy feat in this obstacle-laden course.

New AppGuide: Putt Putt Score Card Apps

Going out for a game of putt putt? Grab your iPhone instead of grabbing that paper scorecard and terrible pencil. There are some nice apps that can replace and improve upon the paper scorecard. We compare our favorite putt putt scorecard apps in this AppGuide ...

Best Mini Golf Games For The iPad

In this App Guide, we examine the apps currently available for the iPad to see which, if any, best captures the phenomenon that is MINI GOLF.

Review: Gravity Well

It's kind of like pinball, it's kind of like mini-golf, and's kind of not. In a sense that's Gravity Well. Using the force of gravity, maneuver the ball into the goal on the far map to advance to the next level. Intrigued? Click here for more...