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scam apps

Meet Candy Pop Saga, A Ripoff Game That Hopes To Crush The Competition

Candy Pop Saga wants to crush the competition.

Apple Cracks Down On App Store Scammers With New Developer Guideline

Apple has just informed developers that app screenshots will be locked in the App Store once the associated app has been approved.

Don't Fall Victim To The Crafty Crook Behind This Minecraft Mobile Scam App

Do not buy Minecraft Mobile. It's nothing more than a bait-and-switch scheme by a "developer" called Installous.

Not One, But Two Halo 4 Games Arrive In The App Store ... But Are They For Real?

At the moment, there are two recently released games called Halo 4 in the App Store. Neither of these is the real thing.

Scam Alert: Wreck It Ralphs Will Wreck Your Chances Of Getting The Official Wreck-It Ralph Game

If you want to play Wreck-It Ralph, the game based on the wonderful animated movie of the same name, make sure you're actually downloading Wreck-It Ralph.

You're In Danger Of Getting Duped If You're Thinking Of Getting Temple Rush: In Danger

What do you do when you encounter a game that has a name and icon that suspiciously resemble those of a hugely popular game? You exercise caution, of course.

Don't Buy Any Property In This Fake Monopoly Game

Don't let this crudely copied Monopoly fake put you in the poor house.

New 'Terraria' Scam Tricking App Store Customers

Terraria is not yet available for iOS, so don't get tricked by this scam!

Misleading 'Craft - Build Terrain' Scam Back In The App Store

Somehow, this previously-banned MineCraft ripoff is available again.

'Writing' App Shamelessly Copies iA Writer's Iconic Looks

Here's yet more proof that Apple's review team is hopelessly AFK.

Don't Get Duped Into Buying Live Wallpaper - It Doesn't Make Your Device Look Any Cooler

There are plenty of ill-intentioned apps in the App Store, lurking in the darkness and preying on unsuspecting customers.