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Starseed: Origin is a nostalgic arcade shooter in your pocket

Starseed: Origin is the new bullet hell shmup from Crescent Moon Games that is hard to put down.

Lay Waste To Your Foes Through Multi Touch With The Unique Shoot-Em-Up, Touch Force

While most shoot-em-up games end up feeling the same, Touch Force makes use of multitouch for a completely fresh new shooting experience.

Navigate And Shoot Your Way Through The Underwater Void In Abyss Attack

Abyss Attack combines bullet hell shmup and endless runner gameplay into one fun and challenging game.

Toon Shooters Dazzles With Its Simple Controls And Insane Action

Kick some cartoon butt solo or with a friend. It rocks either way.

Classic Bullet Hell Shoot 'Em Up RayStorm Now Available

TAITO ports another classic shooter to iOS.

Space Retro Is A Generic Top-Down Shooter

Space Retro is a top-down space shooter that doesn’t bring anything new to an already over-saturated genre.

Shoot ‘Em Up Fans: Enter To Win A Copy Of Endless War Or An iTunes Gift Card

Endless War is a challenging bullet hell shooter with great gameplay and plenty of weapons.

Blow Up Evil Mechanical Fish In DARIUSBURST SP

Never had a chance to check out Dariusburst on the PSP? Now you can have all the fun on your iOS device for a fraction of the cost.

RayForce May Have Been A Classic Back Then, But It May End Up Forgotten On iOS

Remember the days when you spent your time and money in arcades playing RayForce? Now it's available on your iPhone, but is it worth it?

Shoot 'Em Up In Space Tripper: The Fast-Paced Arcade Game That Will Make Your Head Spin

Space Tripper is a top down space shooter that will leave your head spinning … in a good way.

Eat Noodles And Destroy Enemies To Save Your Girlfriend In Wonton 51

Wonton 51 is a very animated arcade shooter for the iPhone with retro graphics and a cute storyline.

WiiWare Shoot 'Em Up Game, Kyotokei, Comes To iOS

Kyotokei is a challenging shoot 'em up game for iOS.

Avoid Barrages Of Bullets In rRootage Online HD

Experience a legendary shoot-em-up game that pits you against abstract boss battles in four different game modes. That's rRootage Online HD.

These Aliens Aren't Faster Than Lightning Fighter

Lightning Fighter is a fast-paced game of the bullet hell genre that is sure to strike any arcade gamer's fancy.

Deathsmiles Is Another Title From Cave That Doesn't Disappoint

Bullet hell shmup fan? Cave Co, LTD has a shiny new release that will whet your appetite.

James Pond In The Deathly Shallows Hits The App Store

A new James Pond title has been released for iOS as a universal app. James Pond in the Deathly Shallows, however, isn't a side-scrolling platformer, but an underwater shooter.

QuickAdvice: Get Fast Paced Shooting Action With Dodonpachi Resurrection

Fans of the original Dodonpachi or just bullet hell games in general should be pleased to find Dodonpachi Resurrection in the App Store. Is it worth your hard earned cash? Read on to find out.