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Manage and track your weight goals with these iPhone apps

Become healthier and reach your goal weight by finding your ideal weight tracking app.

AppAdvice Daily: Get Moving With Moves

Track your every move and get motivated for the summer with today's must have app.

Updated AppList: Track and Maintain Medical Conditions

Keep on top of whatever ails you with the help of these apps.

Updated AppGuide: Weight Trackers for iPhone

In this AppGuide, we compare iPhone apps that will help you track your weight with ease.

Achieve Your Dreams With These Motivational Apps

Achieve your goals and start to form healthy habits with these apps.

Keep An Eye On Your Weight With These iPad Apps

Your iPad can be a helpful device to help you monitor your weight.

Posted Makes Parcel Tracking Easy

Always know the status of your package, keep up to date with incoming shipments with Posted. Notifications delivered to your phone instead of you having to check yourself.

Jailbreak Only: Untrackered - Stop iOS Recording Your Every Move

A recently released jailbreak tweak - untrackered - allows users to stop iOS from recording their every move. Currently, the tweak is available to download for free in Cydia.

QuickAdvice: Track Your Expenses With Toshl

Toshl is a simple app designed to do just one thing: track your expenses. If you just want to keep track of how much you spend and what you’re spending your money on, you’ll want to get this multi-platform app. If you’re looking for bells and whistles such as linking to your bank account, this is not the app for you. Toshl is one of my front page apps. It’s not perfect, but it does just what I need -- it tracks my spending.

One Of The Most Popular Mac Apps Makes It To The iPhone And iPad

Business people everywhere can now run a company from the palm of their hand. FileMaker Pro, the database software popular with Mac users, has finally brought its amazing functionality and design to the iDevice market with FileMaker Go.

Review: Things for iPad

Are you busy? On the go? Has your iPad now become the new center of your life planning universe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are looking for a gorgeous task and to-do manager, then you might want to consider Things for iPad. Offered by developer Cultured Code, maker of Things for iPhone and Mac, you can now get the popular application for your iPad. Will it help you organize you life? I'll give you my take and then let you decide.

Review: Read More - Unleash the Bookworm Within

The bookworm inside you is itching to get out! But you are struggling to keep track of all the books you want to read? Read More can help you keep track of everything you are currently reading as well as keep an archive for future reference.

Review: Diet Tracker

Diet Tracker gives a better way for you to record all your dietary consumptions! Now you can keep track of your meals and compile precise nutritional information without the bulk and embarrassment of scribbling in a notebook!

Review: Milestone

An app to track a baby's developmental milestones.