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Latest News

Turn pages of a magazine full of your photos with Recently

Get a beautiful magazine filled with your pictures delivered to your door each month.

Match cards together carefully in Pair Away

This matching game challenges you to make pairs from a grid of cards.

Today’s apps gone free: Coyn, Poppy Birds, Kinetiks and more

Today’s AGF list includes a finance app, a puzzle game, and a brain training game.

The Weekly Echo: Is the Internet of Things prime time ready?

This week, I look at how easy the Internet of Things is or isn't to set up for yourself. offers you an easier way to send and receive money

A new service from PayPal makes it even easier to get paid back.

Let the bunny book your flight with Hopper

Hop on over to helpful predictions, great savings, and easy booking for your next flight.

Amazon Prime Video will let you view your shows offline

A great new feature has been added to an already wonderful app and service.

Good news for UK Apple Pay users as the payment limit rises

Apple Pay users in the United Kingdom can now use the contactless method for larger transactions.

One banana, two banana, three banana, score in Monkey Blast!

Blast off to avoid villains and collect bananas in this new endless flying game.

Find a better way to listen to books and dramas in Undulib

For listening to audio books and dramas, this app has plenty of features to make your experience great.

Review: PyXY shines with dressy bands for Apple Watch

Ladies, you don’t have to settle for a gender-neutral band for your Apple Watch.

Review: Bluelounge Kosta Charging Coaster for the Apple Watch

This interesting new take on the usual Apple Watch stand is practical, functional, and most importantly inexpensive.

A revamped NFL channel arrives on the Apple TV

Along with a new name, the channel now supports Game Pass subscriptions.

Your love of puzzles will be set aflame with Zirkel

You have to be precise to master the challenging puzzles of Zirkel.

The next-generation Apple TV is shaping up to be a gamer’s paradise

According to a new report, the device will also support Bluetooth game controllers.

Show off your moves in Ski Safari 2

Was Ski Safari 2 worth the three year wait?

Apple continues its push into the enterprise with a new Cisco partnership

The companies will create a "fast lane" for iOS users by optimizing Cisco networks.

Start browsing, Google+ Collections are now available on iOS

This new feature has ventured into iOS territory. So, enjoy browsing, following, and creating Collections.

Nomad's Roadtrip is a 3,000 mAh battery designed for the car

On the hunt for a new adapter for your car? Nomad's new product is worth checking out.

LG's gold-plated Urbane Luxe smartwatch is priced at just $1,200

LG's own luxury Android Wear smartwatch costs a fraction of the price of the Apple Watch Edition.

Today’s apps gone free: Remote Media Manager, Krashlander, Countr and more

Today’s AGF list includes a media manager, an arcade game, and a counter.

Google's Android Wear comes to iOS, but with its limits

Google is finally rolling out its smartwatch support to the iPhone, but there are some drawbacks.

Travel your way to a drawing with GPS-A-Sketch

See what kind of sketch you can make on your next journey.

Memo points to September parts shipments for 12.9-inch iPad

A note to investors provides more details about the highly anticipated iPad Pro.