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Latest News

Steve Jobs Was Planning To Revolutionize the TV Set Before He Died

According to a new report from Recode, Steve Jobs was focused on changing another industry right before he died: The television. No, not like the Apple TV we have today, but instead, an actual TV set.

It’s Time to Lay Down the Law in Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is a great tactical combat stealth game that you shouldn't miss.

The New Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker is Perfect for Your Wallet

The small device can be used to track down pretty much anything - even your iPhone.

A New Instagram Update Brings Pinch-to-Zoom for Photos and Videos

Version 9.2 also offers improved low-light performance for the Stories feature.

Walt Mossberg Says Apple Lacks a Breakthrough Product

Walt Mossberg says that Apple has lacked a "breakthrough product" since Steve Jobs. Is this true?

Be a Word Wiz with These Dictionary and Thesaurus Apps

Don’t hunt for your paper references or websites when you need definitions or synonyms, these iOS apps have you covered.

Raise the Roof, There Is an App to Help With Your Roommates

You don’t have to argue with your roomies over chores and money because this new app can even it all out for you.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Shift, Core, Sero and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a text editor, a strategy game, and a puzzle game.

The Tech Media Minute: Has the 'iPhone 7 Plus' Been Confirmed?

As we say goodbye to meteorological summer, a new "iPhone 7" leak surfaces.

7 Great Wireless Headphones and Earbuds for the 'iPhone 7'

Get prepared for the next-generation iPhone with some of these Bluetooth options for your listening pleasure.

Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars is a Game About Life Itself

Embark on an emotional, meaningful journey in the artsy Gemini.

'Planet of the Apps' Adds More Star Power With Jessica Alba

She'll join other stars including Gwyneth Paltrow,, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Apple Will Offer A Live Stream of Next Week’s Special Media Event

There will be a number of ways to watch the action from San Francisco.

Griffin’s iTrip Clip Brings Bluetooth Connectivity To Any Wired Headphones

The accessory maker is ready for an “iPhone 7” without a headphone jack.

Stay on the Couch and Order Papa John’s Pizza on Apple TV

What will it be? Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, or pineapple? Whatever your favorite Papa John’s pizza is, you can now order it right on your Apple TV.

How to Lose Weight Using Your iPhone

Make a commitment to get in better shape.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Epic Flail, Pushups Trainer, TraptionBakery and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a brawler, a fitness app, and a puzzle game.

3 Burning Questions Before Next Week’s Apple ‘iPhone 7’ Event

We still have questions about next week's "iPhone 7" event.

Save the World with Your Finger in Line Defense

Draw to defend and destroy in this new arcade challenge where you must save our planet.

The Tech Media Minute: Apple Set to Unveil AirPods, 10 new Apple Watch Models

There's a lot of Apple-related technology news on this Tuesday -- both good and bad.

Ahead of the New iPhone, Verizon Rolls Out LTE Advanced

The protocol offers up to 50 percent faster peak speeds.

You Need to Know Your Colors to Solve the Puzzles of Spectrum 6

Your knowledge of primary and secondary colors will come in handy when solving the puzzles in this challenging puzzler.