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Latest News

Every 12-Inch MacBook Owner Needs Griffin’s BreakSafe USB-C Cable

This is the cable Apple should be shipping with the ultra-portable notebook.

The FBI could soon have an easier time hacking into computer networks

The U.S. Supreme Court recently approved a rule change to make it easier for judges to issues search warrants in any jurisdiction.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Thyra, Science Pro, WikiLinks and More

Today’s AGF list includes a photography app, a reference app, and a Wikipedia app.

Apple Should Make a Smart Camera Case for the 'iPhone 7'

Apple should use the rumored Smart Connectors on iPhone 7 and pair it with a Smart Camera Case to give users "pro" photography tools.

The Philips Hue App Features a New Home Dashboard, Personalized Widgets and More

Controlling the app-enabled lighting system is now a lot easier.

Billionaire Carl Icahn Dumps His Entire Stake in Apple

The activist said he is concerned about the company’s growth prospects in China.

Apple May Eventually Bring Some Needed Clarity to Autocorrect Mistakes

A new patent filing details a system that will show the recipient any autocorrected word.

Apple Continues to Lead the Smartwatch Market

A surge in popularity of Android Wear devices did cause Apple’s market share to slip recently.

Apple's CareKit Launches in Four Brand New Apps

Apple's CareKit framework is now out there in the wild.

Here's a List of Everything That's Annoying About Apple

Do you agree with anything or everything on this list?

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Monki Home, Huerons, OftenType and More

Today’s AGF list includes an educational app, a puzzle game, and a custom keyboard.

Make Your iPhone More Like a Real Camera With SNAP! PRO

This kit changes the iPhone's ergonomics and adds lenses for more camera-like usage.

Yes You Can: Register to Vote From Your iPhone

You can now register to vote from your iPhone.

Test Your Vocabulary With These Great Word Games

If you like putting together letters in new and exciting ways, then you have come to the right place.

Fitness Accessory Maker Withings Scooped up by Nokia for $191 Million

Withings features a wide variety of accessories, including activity trackers.

Death on Apple's Main Campus at 1 Infinite Loop

A male body has been found on the Apple Campus.

A New Schematic Shows an ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ With a Dual-Lens Camera, Smart Connector

The report backs up earlier rumors saying that the handset won’t offer a 3.5mm headphone jack.

New Push on Services Could Counter Apple's Unimpressive iPhone Sales

Apple's services business could be the answer to lost revenue from falling iPhone sales.

Traditional Nintendo Games Are Coming Soon to the App Store

Nintendo is bringing a couple of old favorites to the App Store in the near future.

Run, Shoot, and Swing for the Best iOS Sports Games

If you're into sports, this list has the best games covering multiple types of sports.