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Popular Free Notetaking App Evernote Updates To Add iOS4 Support

June 19, 2010

Popular cloud-based notetaking app Evernote was just updated to work with iOS4. Specifically, this update adds support for the new fast app switching feature. Evernote is a very popular free notetaking and cataloging service. With Evernote you can store and access content through this iOS4 app,  as well as an OSX app, Windows app, browser plug-in, and through their web site from any browser. You can do text notes, voice notes and photo notes. All notes can be tagged and put in folders as well as their contents fully indexed to make them easily searchable. Pictures added to Evernote are automatically run through an optical character recognition program and any recognizable text is also added to the index. This means that if you take pictures of your store receipts, then later you can search Evernote and easily find the receipt where you bought Gigli on Bluray.

Now, with the latest update to Evernote, you can easily switch to another task and come right back to Evernote, exactly where you left off. This is especially helpful if you use Evernote to store passwords, work on shopping lists, or otherwise keep important data you want to be able to quickly reference.

While Evernote has always been a very helpful free app, the ability to background the app on iOS4 makes it even more helpful. You can download Evernote for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now from the Apple App Store. [Thanks to Neil for the tip!]

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