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Jet Car Stunts Looks Great With iPhone 4 Retina Graphics

July 20, 2010

True Axis gave Jet Car Stunts the iOS 4 compatibility treatment only a week ago, but a last minute bug prevented the new Retina level graphics from initializing when the game was played on an iPhone 4. The recently released v1.4.1 corrects this bug and finally makes the much improved graphical experience pour through. Even with the significant graphics upgrade, the game still runs just as well with very smooth framerates. Jet Car Stunts is a racing game where you push speed to the limit without coasting off the course or destroying your car in a high velocity impact.  The game features simple controls where you tilt to steer, and on-screen buttons for brake, handbrake, accelerator, and jet engine. The jet engine gives you a significant speed boost and allows you to jump over open track sections, but use it too much and you'll tumble off the course. The game also features multiple modes of play.  Platforming mode challenges you to simply complete the course successfully. The number of retry attempts is what determines your final medal. Time trial forces you to complete sections by reaching checkpoints. Ghost racing is the mode used to challenge other players or to race against your previous attempts in replay to better yourself. Check out our full review of Jet Car Stunts to see what the exciting action is all about.

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