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Cyan Worlds Reveals More Riven For iOS Details, Including Screenshots

Cyan Worlds Reveals More Riven For iOS Details, Including Screenshots

August 20, 2010
Cyan Worlds has added an entire section of content to their website for the upcoming Riven for iOS. Still on track for sometime this fall, the famed title is claimed to be "coming soon." Cyan Worlds' Mark DeForest, username Chogon, is actually the one who gave this little bit of extra info regarding availability.
Riven for the iPhone/iTouch is coming along quite well and is looking like early fall. Riven HD for iPad is planned for sometime after that.
Riven is a point-and-click hidden adventure game of mystery and puzzle solving, and is the sequel to the similarly popular Myst. Riven's storyline begins immediately after the events of Myst. After being rescued by his sons, Atrus enlists the help of the player character to free his wife from Atrus' power-hungry father Gehn. While Myst took place on several worlds, or Ages, Riven takes place almost entirely on the Age of Riven. The Age of Riven is slowly being destroyed by Gehn's destructive rule.
The original Riven sights and sounds have been meticulously re-assembled for a remarkable experience on the iPhone and iPod touch. Everything that you remember from the original Riven in a format where a simple touch or swipe moves you through the world. Welcome back to Riven... wherever you are.
The main features of Riven will include: • All the original Ages & gameplay • High quality images • Full music & sound effects • Movies & animations • Auto-save (when quitting or phone call) • "Bookmark" system to save & restore progress • Swipe to turn • Zoom in anywhere for more detail • “Hot Spot” hints Cyan highlights some worthy notes in the Getting Started section, and I'll showcase a few for you.
Riven for iOS is a VERY, VERY large application. We’ve managed to optimize Riven from its original DVD size to about a gig and a half. Even at that size it’s the largest iOS app we know of - so PLEASE BE PATIENT - download times and syncing times can be longer! It's possible for the downloading/syncing to pause FOR 10 MINUTES OR LONGER. Because of the large size it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you download Riven on your computer using iTunes, and then sync with your iPhone. Downloading directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is theoretically possible via a wireless connection, but... uh... well... you really don’t want to. Because of the way the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch install apps, you will need to have over 2 gigs of free space to install Riven. Once it's installed you can use the extra space again. If you experience any crashes or lock-ups you should "reset" your iPhone by holding down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes black. This allows your iPhone to clean up memory.
Bookmarks can be handy if you get frustrated and want to, for example, return to Riven Island and try something else. But keep in mind that returning to a bookmark will “turn back the pages” of the game to the way it was when you placed the bookmark.
We highly recommend that you play Riven with headphones. The small external speakers, particularly on the iPod touch, will not reproduce all of the sounds in Riven - making some of the sound-based exploration almost impossible.
Is this new serving of details getting those Myst and Riven fans uncontrollably excited yet? [via Touch Arcade] [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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