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Phantasy Star II Fights Its Way Into The App Store

Phantasy Star II Fights Its Way Into The App Store

August 26, 2010
Sega continues their reviving of the classics with the most recent iOS port of another hailed turn-based role-playing game from a couple decades ago, Phantasy Star II. It is one of the first games to use top-down character navigation and turn-based battling system. Phantasy Star II takes place a century after Alis and her friends freed the planet of Algo from the evil Lassic. The Mother Brain, a giant computer, has helped to regulate the climatrol tower, the bio-systems lab, and all other things that provide the basic needs for the people of Mota. The story continues as Rolf recalls a strange recurring nightmare. In this phantasm, a young girl resembling Alis is battling a demon. Although Rolf is nearby, he is unable to even move or speak. Rolf awakens from his nightmare just before it appears the girl is to meet her demise. Though unsettled, Rolf must go to the central tower to meet with the commander to receive his newest mission. As with the previous ports to the iPhone and iPod touch, this title retains the same classic 16-bit graphics, sounds, and gameplay as the very original release for the Mega-Drive, or Genesis for us U.S. residents.  It also features an on-screen directional pad and buttons to control your characters. Phantasy Star II is now available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch at $2.99. Now, who would concur with Sega's claim that this is "one of the greatest games of all time?"

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