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Take On Zombie Pygmies In Thunder Game Works' Trenches - An Homage To Pocket God

August 11, 2010

What happens when two popular game titles come together? In this case, we get zombie Pygmies invading Europe in 1914 for World War I. Bolt Creative, the creators of the sensational Pocket God series, team up with Thunder Game Works to transport the Pygmy tribe -- in zombie form, no less -- to battle in the military strategy game, Trenches. Trenches is a casual strategy game that has you taking command of your troops in WWI battles. This isn't an epic PS3 Battlefield intense first-person shooter recreation. It's a cartoon-style casual strategy game, but offers some definite fun. One interesting features is a secret unlockable mode. After successfully completing the campaign, you've now unlocked Zombie Horde in Skirmish. The hordes of the undead come in endless waves in a survival mode. Trenches v1.7 takes the excitement of slaying zombies and takes it up a notch, bringing you a horde of Pygmies risen from the grave. As a reminder, v1.6.5 added a training Boot Camp, news feed, plus Bluetooth and local Wi-Fi multiplayer action. Outside the general success of both of these iOS titles, another likely reason for Thunder Game Works to pay homage to the Pygmies and crew is the big success of the recent release of Pocket God Comics. To learn even more, check out our full reviews of Trenches and Pocket God Comics. You can nab up Trenches, Pocket God, and Pocket God Comics in the App Store for a mere $.99 each.

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