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Attach Your iPad To A Wall For $3

Attach Your iPad To A Wall For $3

September 21, 2010
Not so long ago, we told you about The Wallee - an iPad case that can be easily attached to a wall. Following this, we mentioned PadTab earlier this month; a cheaper alternative which sticks your iPad to a wall, as opposed to mounting it. Now, thanks to LifeHacker, we're bringing you news of a third, even cheaper alternative: some hooks. While hooks themselves obviously won't securely attach your iDevice to a bedroom wall, with the addition of a plate-hanger (see image below), this can easily be made possible. The hanger itself can bind to your iPad (which should ideally be in a case). Then, you simply hang the hanger using a couple of hooks. What could be simpler?

The best news is this unconventional means of mounting an iPad costs a mere $3 - the price of some iDevice applications. When you compare this with the price of other iPad-mounting cases (which are in the region of $30-50), the plate-hanger method seems all the better. For a detailed walkthrough on mounting your iPad using a plate-hanger and a hook, be sure to check out LifeHacker's article. We've attached some of their pictures below, so you can better understand how the finished product looks. And, if you decide to try this yourself, be sure to let us know how it goes for you in the comments below! [gallery]

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