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Wunderlist HD: The Swiss Army Knife Of iPad GTD Apps

March 1, 2011
Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder icon

Wunderlist HD (Free) by 6 Wunderkinder is the new companion app to the critically acclaimed Wunderlist. It’s a welcome new entry in the Getting Things Done (GTD) genre for iPad.

This task management app is pretty straightforward, but has one feature that may make it the ideal choice for you regardless of price.

Wunderlist and Wunderlist HD provide an easy way to send an unplanned item to your iOS devices; you simply send it by e-mail.

Like other GTD apps, Wunderlist HD allows you to: create to-do lists, and send yourself e-mail or push notifications to remind you at the time of your choosing. It also effectively overdue tasks.

Now, with the new HD version it also easily syncs between all your devices with seamless elegance.

If you are on the go a lot, or can’t use your iDevice at work or school, but you have access to e-mail, the Wunderlist to-do apps are definitely worth checking out.

Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder screenshot

Wunderlist HD has a pretty basic interface, but don’t be deceived by its spartan appearance; it has plenty of features.

It offers cloud syncing with any of the free Wunderlist products including companion Mac and Windows clients. And, of course, the e-mail tasking that sets it apart.

Wunderlist GTD's also let you share your lists with co-workers, family members or classmates, and they have a myriad of ways to organize and display your lists.

You can even select from a small assortment of backgrounds.

The app comes preloaded with a sample to-do list that gives you all the information you need to jump right in.

It takes just a few minutes to learn the ropes. You can then delete those tasks with a swipe, and start entering your own.

Wunderlist HD by 6 Wunderkinder screenshot

There are no fancy fonts, no integration with any calendar or GTD apps, but it lives up to all of its claims.

Wunderlist’s emphasis is on its multi-platform, multi-device syncing and sharing options as well as keeping it simple.

Each time you enter a new item the app syncs to the cloud automatically.

You can add an individual task, multiple tasks, or add a to-do into an existing folder, from any e-mail account (which means from pretty much anywhere). I tried it out, and it worked perfectly.

The best thing about this, and all the well designed task-managers by 6 Wunderkinder are their prices.

Both apps, and both desktop companions are completely free.

I have an overabundance of GTD apps, paid and free, and I feel very comfortable recommending this as a superlative free option.

It may not have all the design bells and whistles of apps that simulate day planners, nor integration with existing calendars, but it gets the job done in a simple, direct fashion.

If you find yourself writing notes on every scrap of paper or emailing yourself a bunch of reminders, this is an ideal task management app for you.

And, even if you don’t need the e-mail functionality, this app is stable, well thought out, and user-friendly. It's a great way to manage any to-do list or hectic schedule for free.

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