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Apple Announces New iOS Feature - Notifications

Apple Announces New iOS Feature - Notifications

June 6, 2011
Apple has just announced iOS 5, and one of the major features added is an improved notification system. As stated by Apple's Scott Forstall, the current notification system included within the iOS is "not pleasant." Notifications bounce onto the screen, taking over everything and forcing the user to act. However, in iOS 5, things are going to change. Here's what you can expect from the feature. As outlined by Scott Forstall:
One of my favorite features is that you can just swipe across the notification, and it takes you right into the app.
He added:
It does calls, Facebook updates, everything you want. And it even shows the weather at the top. Notifications are no longer interrupting.
This looks great - iOS notifications are no longer intrusive: They subtly appear at the top of the iPhone's screen, and can be easily dismissed. A "Notification Center" allows users to view previous notifications, all in one place. I wonder if Peter Hajas helped Apple out with this one? Check out more screenshots below. [gallery columns="2"]

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