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Apple's iWork Apps Will Integrate With iCloud

Apple's iWork Apps Will Integrate With iCloud

June 6, 2011
Apple has just announced that its iWork suite (which is compatible with all of the company's iOS devices) will integrate seamlessly with iCloud. Everything you do on your iOS device in Pages, Numbers or Keynote, will be synced to the cloud. The app will ask users upon launching if they want to use iCloud, and if they do, the sync will be made automatically. Furthermore, APIs will be made available to third party developers, too, meaning all apps will be able to sync with the cloud. This is definitely a handy feature, and just another way Apple is planning on integrating iCloud within our iOS devices. In particular, documents in the cloud will be helpful for those who often work on the go. Here are some photograms we took during the keynote. Check them out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. [gallery columns="2"]

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