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iChromy Updated: Chrome-Style iPad Browsing Just Got Better

iChromy Updated: Chrome-Style iPad Browsing Just Got Better

June 29, 2011
The popular Safari alternative, iChromy, has just received an update. Now, users of the Chrome-style iPad Web browser can take advantage of improved privacy settings (including "Incognito Mode"), a more efficient and stable experience, and a variety of bug fixes. Back in May, I sang iChromy's praises - but the application wasn't quite perfect. While offering a Google Chrome-style browsing experience (complete with tabs, favorite stars and more), one feature of Chrome wasn't present in the application: Incognito Mode. However, the app has been updated, and this mode has been added. Furthermore, a variety of other privacy improvements have been made to the app, including:
  • Clear password
  • Clear history
  • Clear Cookie
Additionally, "efficiency" improvements have also been made:
  • Find in page
  • Remember password
  • Quick Dial in new tap to help you access most
  • visited sites quickly.
  • Add .com, .edu, .gov, .net in the Omnibox
  • Save pictures to Photo App
  • More accurate URL suggestion in address bar
  • Tap status bar to scroll pages to top
  • Print
The application is also more stable, less likely to crash and users can even recover tabs if the app does crash, which is great. Currently, iChromy is available to download for free - which is one of its best features. Take it for a spin, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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