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Shazam Encore Gets "LyricPlay" - Sing Along With That Track You Just Tagged

Shazam Encore Gets "LyricPlay" - Sing Along With That Track You Just Tagged

June 15, 2011
Shazam has just announced a brand new feature, which it has incorporated into its premium Shazam Encore application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The feature - called "LyricPlay" - allows users to tag a track and immediately view the song's lyrics in real-time. The feature comes following Shazam's acquisition of "synchronized lyric technology" from Silicon Valley based company, Tunezee. As outlined in a press release that hit the Web earlier today, here's how LyricPlay works:
For anyone using Shazam Encore they simply:
  1. Tag a song they like;
  2. Activate the feature by tapping the new LyricPlay icon when it appears in a Tag result and turning their device horizontally to a landscape position, then watch the lyrics as they scroll, jump, pop or slide in real-time with the song;
  3. Stop LyricPlay by tapping the lyrics for options to return to the Tag result for that song.
According to the press release, Shazam's new feature has been incorporated into the Shazam Encore application (which is currently available for $5.99). However, as of this moment, the feature is available in the USA and Canada only. If you already own Shazam Encore, check out LyricPlay and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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