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Justin Bieber Now On Instagram - That Kid Gets Everywhere!

Justin Bieber Now On Instagram - That Kid Gets Everywhere!

July 22, 2011
How do you make an already popular photo sharing service even more popular? You get Justin Bieber on-board, that's how. Because yesterday, the teen-dream sensation shot what can only be described as a boring picture of LA traffic, and shared the image to Instagram. As MG Siegler of TechCrunch notes, the result of this upload can only be described in one, single word: Boom. Almost immediately following the upload, Instagram's servers started blocking up. This is because Justin Bieber rocks a Twitter fan-base of over 11 million followers, and a large chunk of them were clicking this URL to take a peek at what their idol had just tweeted. There were so many people hitting Instagram, that the service's servers were struggling to cope. According to Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, this massive influx of activity was indeed due to Bieber. Baby, baby, baby, oh! He was gaining 50 followers a minute thanks to the picture (which we've included below). And the picture itself was getting around one comment every 10 seconds. Currently, the picture has been "liked" 710 times, and has received 812 comments. Obviously, these numbers are constantly growing. Justin Bieber's appearance on Instagram is great news for his fans: Now, they have another means of connecting with the superstar, and they can gain an even closer insight into his life. But it's also good news for Instagram, too. The service currently boasts just under seven million users (though this figure is growing: Last month, the service reached the five million milestone). However, it could be that Bieber's interest in Instagram could give the service a massive boost in sign-ups. Just think: Instagram has a user-base of just under seven million, and Justin Bieber has over 11 million Twitter followers. Because of the sheer scale of Bieber's Twitter fan-base, Instagram is obviously going to benefit from his interest in the service. Good news all round, I'd say. If you're interested in following Justin Bieber on Twitter or Instagram, you can find him under @justinbieber and "swagisme" respectively. And remember, you can download the Instagram iPhone app in the App Store for free. Below, I've embedded Bieber's Instagram image so you can see what all the hullabaloo is about yourself, alternatively click this link to view it over at Instagram's website.

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