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LogMeIn Ignition Updated: Adds A Few New Features

LogMeIn Ignition Updated: Adds A Few New Features

July 12, 2011
Earlier today, we told you Screens had received a handy update. Now, similar application, LogMeIn Ignition, has been updated and a few new features have been added. The update to LogMeIn Ignition is nothing major, however users of the application will appreciate the changes made. As outlined in the app's release notes, they are:
  • Attach any file (including multimedia) to emails from Ignition
  • Save email attachments to File Manager
  • Copy photos and videos to/from your iPhone or iPad’s photo library
  • Control timeout settings while multitasking for Ignition
While Screens is a great touch-engineered VNC client, LogMeIn kind of takes things to the next level, allowing users to access files on their desktop computer on an iOS device, without having to use the remote desktop feature. These additional features mean LogMeIn Ignition is $10 more expensive, at $29.99. However, if you often need to access desktop files on an iOS device, LogMeIn Ignition is the application for you. Take a look at the application in the App Store, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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