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UK Supermarket Adds iPad Dock To Shopping Carts For Sky Go App

August 31, 2011
Remember how UK Apple fans can watch football matches (among other shows) on an iOS device with the Sky Go application? Now, a leading supermarket in the United Kingdom is testing iPad-equipped shopping carts. The tablets are loaded with Sky's application, and the move is designed to allow avid sports fans to both shop and watch the "big game" at the same time. Already, Sainsbury's (the name of the supermarket) has a range of shopping carts that feature a built-in scanner, allowing users to scan their shopping as they go and quickly pay once they've finished. This upcoming cart has speakers built into its bar, and users can tilt the iPad in order to achieve the best viewing angle. It's also solar powered and features proximity sensors, meaning users won't accidentally bump into other shoppers while watching the iPad. The Sky Go app itself allows users view TV and movies on an iOS device, over Wi-Fi or 3G. It's possible to watch, pause and rewind live video, and is very impressive. If you're a Sky TV subscriber, download the free application now in the App Store. And we'll keep you posted on the status of those iPad-equipped shopping carts. [via Gizmodo]

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