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Apple And Facebook May Come Together At Next Week’s iPhone Event

Apple And Facebook May Come Together At Next Week’s iPhone Event

September 29, 2011
The on-again, off-again drama that is the possible launch of a Facebook for iPad app could have a happy ending. The social networking giant may unveil the app on Tuesday at Apple’s own iPhone event. TechCrunch first published this news, which hasn’t yet been confirmed by either company. First uncovered within a Facebook for iPhone update, the Facebook for iPad app has long been expected. However, its entry into the App Store has never been guaranteed. In fact, just this week we reported it might never see the light of day, especially after its chief architect bolted to Google. According to TechCrunch, the app’s entry has been complicated by negotiations between Facebook and Apple over the former’s upcoming HTML-based development and distribution platform. Called Project Spartan, Facebook’s service works through Apple’s Mobile Safari app and has been in development for sometime. Therefore, even though the Facebook for iPad app has nothing to do with Project Spartan specifically, they go hand-in-hand in terms of release dates. The good news is that these issues seem to have been resolved. As such, the Facebook for iPad app could launch at Apple’s Tuesday iPhone event. However, this news comes with this huge disclaimer:
But make no mistake, the relationship between the two companies is tenuous at best. Both know that they’d probably be better of working together, but both also believe that they don’t actually need each other. Hence, the dancing we’ve been seeing and hearing about. The two are frenemies. But the launch of Google+ has made one common enemy very clear… This time it sure looks like the planets are aligning. Sources on both side suggest a major Facebook/Apple/iPad/HTML5 announcement happening early next week one way or another. This time I wouldn’t bet against it.
We’ll keep you updated.

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